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The Petal Visa® is a credit card that’s honest, simple, and accessible, built to make your life a little easier. We use machine learning to analyze your digital financial record, rather than just your credit score, which allows Petal to have higher credit limits and lower rates than competing cards, and no fees whatsoever. That means you can get a great credit card and start building your credit score, even if Petal is your first credit card.

Petal is for anyone who wants more from a credit card. Because Petal doesn’t require a credit score to qualify, it makes for a great first credit card, but we think Petal makes for a great 2nd, 3rd or 4th credit card too. You’re more likely to qualify for Petal if you have regular income and are able to meet your month-to-month expenses. Petal is only available to U.S. Residents with a valid SSN or ITIN over the age of 18.

We created Petal to solve problems that we personally experienced. Despite working and paying bills responsibly, many of us had trouble qualifying for a decent credit card and establishing credit history. Others on our team have struggled with credit card debt and fees, and know how difficult traditional credit cards are to understand and manage. We believe that credit today is sideways, and we’re on a mission to fix it.

Petal provides more credit at better rates than competing cards, and has no fees whatsoever. The Petal website and app make it easy to track your spending, manage your card and make smart financial decisions. Petal can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted and comes with bank-level security and 24/7 customer support. Learn more about why Petal is awesome here.

You can use Petal anywhere Visa® is accepted, in the U.S. and internationally, for both online and in-person transactions. Petal does not allow balance transfers or cash advances (ATM use) at this time.

Petal won’t cost you a dime if you pay your full bill on-time each month. Petal has zero fees and only charges interest if you decide to pay your bills over time, instead of in-full. And before you make that decision, Petal tells you exactly what it will cost in interest. Unlike most credit cards, Petal only charges interest on balances that are past due, and does not charge interest on new purchases.

Traditional credit cards make money in three ways: customer fees, merchant fees and interest. Petal doesn’t charge customer fees, so we make money through merchant fees collected when you use the card and the interest we charge if you choose to carry a balance past your due date.

We believe that traditional credit card rewards can be confusing, hard to use, and sometimes encourage overspending, so we want to make sure that Petal benefits actually make your life easier. We’re working on some awesome benefits and are excited to share those details soon. If you have ideas, feedback or want to get involved as a partner, let us know! We also provide certain benefits through our partnership with Visa®, such as auto rental collision damage or theft coverage and roadside dispatch. Click here to read more about those benefits.

Because we collect and analyze more data, Petal is able to have higher credit limits than many other cards, typically ranging from $500 to $10,000. And the APRs are lower than most other new-to-credit options, too! Click to here read more about Petal and how it compares to to other cards.

Traditional credit cards can be hard to understand, and come with lots of fees and complicated interest charges. Petal’s mission is to make life easier with credit that’s honest, simple, and accessible. We work hard to make things easy for you and are here if you need us.

You may see your credit score increase in as little as 6 months by using Petal responsibly and making on-time payments. There are many factors that affect your credit score; to learn more about building credit, check out the FAQ on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website.

We ♥ the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and they have some great resources to help you understand credit and how it works. Check out the CFPB FAQ here.

Petal is currently in private, invitation-only beta. If you’re interested in getting Petal, join the waitlist and we'll send you an invitation to apply based on your place in line. If you want to skip ahead, get your friends to sign up for the waitlist with your private link and you'll be that much closer to receiving your invitation!

Have other questions? We’re happy to help.
Send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon!
Have other questions? We’re happy to help. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you soon!

We’re launching in private, invitation-only beta.

Be one of the first to get invited by joining the waitlist.

*Pricing Details: Credit limits from $500 to $10,000, absolutely no fees,
and variable APRs of 14.74% to 25.74%. APRs are based on the U.S.
Prime Rate accurate as of 06/19/18.