Responsible credit for the modern world.
See if you're pre–approved
Variable APRs range from 14.74%–25.74% Card issued by WebBank, Member FDIC
Credit scores
are outdated.
We’ll look at it if you have one, but we can approve you even if you’re brand new to credit. Link your bank account and our technology will help you get access to a credit card that’s right for you.
Designed to
improve your experience.
Better technology saves money, and Petal passes those savings onto you. It lets us offer more perks, higher limits, and lower APRs than introductory or student credit cards without the need for a security deposit.
Built for you.
Cash Back
1% – 1.5%
14.49% – 25.49%
Credit Limit
$500 – $10,000
Free from fees.
Optimized for credit building.
We report to all three major credit bureaus, help you track your credit score in the app, and make it easy to keep tabs on your utilization.
Be rewarded when you’re responsible.
Earn 1% cash back on every purchase. Earn up to 1.5% cash back after twelve on-time monthly payments. You can also earn up to 10% extra cash back with select merchants.
Cash back right away
After 6 on–time payments
After 12 on–time payments
Cash back right away
After 6 on-time payments
After 12 on-time payments
See if you’re pre-approved without impacting your credit score.
Submitting for a pre-approval is how you find out if you're eligible for the Petal Card without impacting your credit score. If you ‘Apply’ for the Petal Card, your application will still be subject to our credit approval process and your credit score may be impacted.