Petal App

Your credit control center.

App Features

Take control with credit-friendly features.

Understand the path to a limit increase.

With the Leap program, earn a credit line increase in 6 months by making qualifying on-time payments. Terms apply.

Track your score.

Stay up to date on your credit score in the app.

Find cash back near you.

Earn 2% – 10% cash back at select local and national merchants.3

Know before you owe.

Pay in full or carry a balance — pick your best payment strategy with estimated interest in mind.

Keep tabs on your account.

Enable push notifications to see your transaction activity in real time.

Unlock your full financial potential.

When you link a bank account to the Petal app, you’ll unlock a full suite of features designed to keep your credit building on track.

Be considered for higher limits.

Linking your bank account helps Petal better understand your finances and see when you may qualify for a credit limit increase.1

Enable AutoPay.

Do more with every statement: AutoPay helps you make secure, on-time payments each month — an important factor in building a credit score.
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Make informed financial decisions.

Connect other accounts to see your balances and card activity in one place.

Unsubscribe & save.

Petal automatically highlights subscription services billed to your Petal card so recurring charges stay top of mind.

See how you’re spending.

The Insights page gives easy access to your spend data. Check up on your card activity — by merchant, category, or month.

Perks that take your money further.

Automatically earn 2% – 10% cash back when you shop with your Petal card at select local and national businesses.

Build credit securely.

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Freeze your card.

With a tap in the Petal app, you can freeze your card at any time to protect your account.
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Protection from fraud.

Petal’s fraud detection technology can quickly spot suspicious card activity and take action.
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Keep your data safe.

Your credit data is crucial — rest assured Petal encrypts and protects your personal information.

Hear from real Petal credit-builders.

black 5 stars
Would definitely recommend to anyone building credit.
Kareem G.
on how easy the app is to use
black 5 stars
We love it and have already recommended it to many friends and family, and they love it too!
Justin T.
on using the app with the card
black 5 stars
I am happy to have a credit card that makes it really easy to stay on top of things - and rewards you for doing it!
Emily R.
on keeping track of finances
See if you’re pre-approved for Petal.

No credit check required.

2 Petal card
By submitting a pre-approval request, you grant your permission to be evaluated for multiple Petal credit cards. Pre-approval does not guarantee an account approval and you must submit a full application for review in order to apply for any offer(s) of credit. Submitting for a pre-approval is how you find out if you may be eligible for a Petal credit card without impacting your credit score.
You must meet our applicable criteria bearing on creditworthiness and any other of our eligibility criteria, which we determine in our sole discretion. Credit is subject to qualification and may not be extended for various reasons including, but not limited to, verification of your identity, if the ratio of your debt obligations to your income or the amount of income remaining after you meet your debt obligations does not meet our requirements, or upon consideration of other accounts you may have.
1 Members who qualify for the highest credit limit available on a particular card are ineligible for an increase.

2 Eligible applicants will be presented with an opportunity to link their bank account in order to be evaluated for an extension of credit assessing their cashflow.

3 Cash back merchants and offers can vary throughout the year and are personalized. You must meet the individual offer terms to receive cash back. In the past six months, Petal members received at least one cash back offer from an advertised merchant.