From the real people that #paywithpetal
Joshua C. I am one of the many who are considered "credit invisible". If you think you can't get approved because of your lack of credit history, you might be surprised if you apply. Thank you Petal for giving me a chance to finally build my credit!!!
Matt W. It’s so refreshing to know there’s people out in the world that look at people as people instead of a credit score.
Arianna O. So far LOVE ❀️ my Petal card. Higher limits than most credit card companies would give.
Eden V. My process with Petal took about five minutes, and I was approved right away. Easy to use app and a very sleek design. 🌷
Susie M. I love the ease of the credit card and website, as well as the credit line that I was given.
Krissy B. I love Petal πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ They made me believe in credit cards again.