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We are Petal
A credit card without any fees, that you can apply for without a credit history, that never tries to trick you, and gives millions of Americans access to credit who have previously been overlooked.

That's the kind of credit card company we want to be – one that helps you build credit.
Variable APRs range from 15.24% - 26.24%
Credit has a problem
Millions of Americans aren’t able to access credit, simply because they haven’t had credit in the past. Millions more are trapped in confusing and expensive credit card debt that feels impossible to overcome. It’s about time a credit card company helped people financially succeed.
Petal is a simple, no-fee credit card that works great even if you’re building credit from scratch.
We use machine learning to analyze our customer’s full digital financial record—not just their credit score.
Our Partners
We’re working with the best partners in the industry to create a safe, secure and affordable credit card you can use anywhere Visa is accepted.
Our Team
We’re a credit card company started by people who were sick of credit card companies. Our diverse and knowledgeable team has experience at some of the biggest finance and tech companies around, like Google, Amazon, Square, WeWork, CitiBank, Capital One, American Express and Chase.

If you’re interested in our mission, check out our open positions.