This is Petal.
A simple, no-fee
credit card.

The first card with high credit limits, great rates, no fees, and no credit score required.

This is Petal.
A simple, no-fee
credit card.

High credit limits, great rates,
no credit score required.
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Get credit, without a credit score.

Petal is not like other cards. We look at the money you make and the bills you already pay to help you qualify instantly. That means you can get a great credit card and start building your credit score, even if Petal is your first credit card. It’s that easy.

You think in dollars, not interest rates. So do we.

Petal helps you track what you spend and what you can afford. Pay your full bill each month straight from your bank account and never pay a dime in interest.

Prefer to pay over time? Petal tells you exactly what it will cost in dollars, so you can make the payment that’s right for you.

No fees, honestly.

Petal is the first credit card with absolutely no fees. No overdraft fee, late fee, international fee, annual fee, or any-other-kind-of fee.

Easy access.

Better technology means more credit and lower rates than competing intro cards. Buy more of what you need without maxing out your card.

Seriously simple.

Set reminders, automate payments, and never miss a bill. Don’t sweat, we’ve got your back.

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Priced just right

Credit Limit

$500 – 10,000


14.74 – 25.74%



FYI, APRs are variable based on the U.S. Prime Rate accurate as of 6/19/2018.