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Rewards for an Irresponsible World

Rewards for an Irresponsible World

The Petal Team

Let’s face it—debt is a massive problem, and credit cards are a contributor.

The world has made it easier and easier to buy things—by just clicking, swiping, or talking to your speaker—with money you may or may not have.  We’re exposed to 5,000 ads every day on average, and nobody selling you a product will ever ask: is this something you need? Is this something you can afford?

The modern world is becoming more and more irresponsible and traditional credit cards don’t do much to help.

We started Petal to give more people access to safe, modern, affordable credit so they can start building their financial lives. We developed technology to help more people qualify for credit cards, using bank statements when credit scores are unavailable. But there’s a lot more broken in the credit industry than just the way people are approved.

Fees are too high, user experiences feel outdated, and the product itself can get people into a lot of trouble. We asked ourselves: why isn’t there a responsible credit card out there, one that helps you manage your finances and do the right thing?

We’re making it our mission to create one–not only for people new to credit, but for everyone that needs it.  

The way we think about it is simple: the easier the world makes it to buy stuff, the more responsible your credit needs to be.

And that’s why today, we’re excited to announce the release of a groundbreaking new perks program that rewards users with cash back for paying on time, a healthy financial behavior and one of the key components of building a good credit score. We’re also launching a number of other new features for the Petal card and mobile app designed to help our users manage credit responsibly.

"It’s a simple concept: pay on time, build credit history, get rewarded."

As of this month, Petal cardholders will earn 1% cash back on all purchases made using their card. By paying on time, customers can earn even more cash back, up to 1.5%. After paying on time for six months, cash back increases to 1.25%; after another six months of on-time payments, it increases again to 1.5%. No rotating purchase categories, no hard-to-read terms, no hidden opt-in button. Just straightforward, unlimited cash back rewards on all purchases—rewards that improve as you improve your financial life.

It’s a simple concept: pay on time, build credit history, get rewarded.

This makes the Petal card a great product for people looking for a credit card with cash back. And the technology we’re using continues to make Petal available to people who are brand new to credit. Most introductory cards don’t have any rewards, let alone cash back up to 1.5%.

Credit card rewards are notorious for encouraging users to overspend. Credit card companies typically set your credit limit and tell you how much you should spend to qualify for points or rewards. But nobody stops to ask whether the amount the credit card company wants you to spend is the amount you should spend.

That’s why Petal is now letting customers set a spending limit that is less than their credit limit. We help you make a plan, stay on track, and spend within your budget.

"That’s why Petal is now letting customers set a spending limit that is less than their credit limit."

This comes along with a raft of other new features–like a balance-check feature to help you avoid overdrafts and the ability to freeze your card instantly. There’s more coming soon: we are constantly working to improve our user experience and offer more benefits and features that make life easier. You don’t even need aniPhone to qualify ;)

It’s not going to get any harder to buy stuff. People need a credit card that has their back, with their financial best-interests in mind. People need responsible credit for our irresponsible world.